Welcome to our website on construction. Carmeuse has many years of expertise delivering a broad range of products and solutions from consistent building materials to great civil engineering projects like road, rail, sea and airport infrastructures. For the building sector, Carmeuse is your reliable partner making available products that meets Europeans standards. Well-established ranges include SuperCalco® , our dedicated solution for mortars,  plasters and renders; milled limestone is used in roofing membranes, carpets, bricks and dry mortar mixes; quick lime in masonry elements as AAC and silicate bricks. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the civil engineering sector with our ViaCalco® solutions for soil treatment and stabilization of embankments;  PremiaCal® , our engineered fine limestone is the most appropriate for concrete applications.  We also provide large-sized aggregates for embankments; armourstones for inland waterways and harbors; and ballast for railways. Contact us to find out more

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