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How does one achieve the best results when using lime and limestone? Carmeuse is able to provide you with reliable support and in-depth knowledge, from the moment you meet us. We offer this support and knowledge through our production facilities, directly to your plant or project. Our company works as a team, with the staff at our various sites and with you. The goal is to help you maximize your performance, whilst achieving cost-effective and environmental benefits.

Field support and advice

Our ‘Application Technology’ team offers dedicated in-field support and can provide you with:

  • A high level of technical and application expertise in each market sector
  • The best advice on using our products

Logistics solutions

Carmeuse provides reliable and ‘on-time’ deliveries, thanks to:

  • Strong relations with truck, rail, river and lake carriers
  • A broad network of transportation terminals
  • A full staff of customer service specialists

Customer service

Our customer service team is specialized in providing:

  • Supporting fulfillment of your product needs
  • Connecting you to all Carmeuse functional support experts

New product development

Our R&D team is continuously looking for improvements, so as to:

  • Develop more natural solutions that answer our customers’ needs
  • Develop new technologies to enhance the value of natural resources
  • Find new ways to improve our energy efficiency and lower the environmental footprint of our processes and those of our customers

Mobile laboratory

Ready to perform complex analysis on-site:

  • Bearing capacity
  • Sampling
  • Soil type
  • Density & humidity
  • pH analysis

Helping you identify the right technical solution whenever, wherever!

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