Hydraulic Works

Climate change is challenging Authorities of waterways and sea coasts, as water level is increasing compared to the land. Reinforcements of dikes, canals and all type of waterstreams have to be worked out with involvement of local Administrations. Armourstones solutions create protection for all type of dikes, and are also architectural well appreciated.


Global warming and climate change are changing weather patterns, leading to an increase in sea levels and heavier rainstorms over recent years. These events are acknowledged to be a challenge for the whole world. As growing numbers of people live near rivers and in coastal areas, we have to protect existing and new infrastructure in locations close to water and thus at risk of disastrous flooding.


By installing hydraulic works on rivers and canals and by reinforcing sea dikes, it is possible to help towns and cities to adapt to and mitigate the challenges linked to climate change. Limestone armourstones, weighing anything from 2 kg to 600 kg, are often chosen to reinforce areas at risk of future flooding. To that end, we offer a broad product portfolio in line with local market needs.

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