Concrete producers are always looking to reliable suppliers of aggregates & limestone fillers. Consistency for each product is a top priority, but service need to be guaranteed as well, especially in high season or for high demanding projects. Carmeuse is offering a large range of products, satisfying the clients’ needs, independent of the momentum.


Filler materials are increasingly popular. They are also becoming very important, because they help to increase some of the mix properties in concrete and they reduce the need to use binders, which are usually more expensive.


PremiaCal® is a natural, environmentally friendly, chemically stable product that facilitates the production of everything from semi-dry concrete to self-compacting-concrete. PremiaCal® is engineered milled limestone, designed for all types of concrete applications. It brings added value for precast and ready-mix concrete in the fresh state, thanks to increased flowability and pumpability, which are helped by the product’s constant water absorption. The bright color of concrete end product is often highly appreciated by customers: this creates opportunities for architectonic concrete.


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