The first ecological house in Romania, certified by Green Homes is now in the construction phase!


The constructors have chosen HEMPCRETE- an ecological building material, made of a mixture of hemp shives, hydrated lime SUPERCALCO S, a puzzolanic binder and water. The shives are the milled wooden core of the industrial hemp plant, with a sawdust texture, resulted after the fiber was extracted. 

Hempcrete is a material that allows vapour permeability. That is why it regulates the humidity, absorbing excess water vapours and releasing them when the humidity levels drop under the optimal threshold.

The constructors explained why this is important:

"This extraordinary quality is important for the health of the inhabitants, as well as for the preservation of the building itself. The adjustment of inside humidity to an optimum level of 40-60 % relative humidity, together with the lime, which is alkaline, contributes to reduction of viral and bacterial infections, allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory problems. Moreover, it keeps away mites, molds and fungi and prevents the apparition of other pests like insects or rodents.” 

Apart from these benefits, hempcrete is also fireproof and has excellent thermal insulating properties, that ensure an increased energy efficiency. All these characteristics are guaranteed, without having to treat the material with chemical substances, potentially toxic for the inhabitants.

“The concept of a building with a very good thermal insulation consists of using a wall of 0.36m. This ensures a constant temperature on the inside, in the winter radiating heat gained during warm periods and in the summer, cooling the walls due to the humidity absorbed from the inside”.

Hempcrete can be used in new building constructions or in the renovation-rehabilitation works in older constructions. It can be used for the complete building of the external and interior walls, or just for the thermal insulation of the existing masonry, in any types of buildings, be those industrial or residential. 

For its benefits - 100% natural material, sustainable and biodegradable; which regulates the humidity by absorbing water vapours; fireproof and resistant to pests; with net negative CO2 emissions - it was declared the "year’s innovative green product”, in RoGBC Green Gala Awards event.

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