Deep mixing




Soil Treatment

Guryapı Group / Vialand Case
Alibeyköy/İstanbul Turkey

Deep mixing for a 7-meter depth and a 30,000 sq. m area


  • Challenge

    Sludge depth started at 5 meters and extended down to 65 meters. The company could not close the sides by stone, due to the moisture content of the soil, and it had no solution to tackle this problem. After negotiations, Carmeuse presented its solutions to the company.

  • Solutions

    We invited Ramboll to Turkey to supervise us. Sludge was stabilized to a depth of 7 meters by using an ALLU machine. This enabled mass stabilization. After the stabilization, they constructed an artificial lake on the site. Carmeuse helped them to contact ALLU company in order to hire the machine and we gave them technical support for both the product and techniques.

  • Results

    This was a successful application and the company has had no problems with it to date.